Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Indira Urrutia

I was born in La Calera Chile and graduated from Southern Connecticut State University in 1994. Since then I have been following my passion for photography through explorations into other formats such as mixed media, installation photography and video. My passion as a teacher also allows me to transmit the importance of art expression in a free and safe environment for my students and myself.

Photography is my own therapy. Art allows me the freedom to explore my inner self juxtaposed to my outer self".

For nine eleven squared I will be building a collage through out the event. On Tuesday, September 11. This piece will be burned. I am dedicating this to all of those that suffered by the consequence of 9/11

Live installation @ The Young Museum

This collage was built within four hours. After the event, the piece was burned.

"it was just an illusion"

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PESCADOR said...

ayer miercoles he visto a indira trabajando en su projecto y me ha dado un gusto tremendo verla con las manos en la masa, promete!!!!