Friday, October 5, 2007

Loreto Sanhueza : exile by - default

" Ojos de la abuela"
dibujo lapiz carboncillo
Artist Loreto Sanhueza Leni was born one cold Sept. 22nd morning of 1981 in Concepcion, South of Chile, Mapuche land. Drawing has been an integral part of her life. “At age two my Mamma’ put me in a high chair with pencils and crayons. I have a picture to prove it.” It was also at age two that Loreto came to this country, the country of the North, really, as the product of a plot of sorts planned by her mother, whom fed up with living under the brutal military dictatorship that exiled her beloved family decided to leave Chile secretly knowing the short visit was for good. Loreto became one among many of the children referred to as Exiles by De-Fault. In the convergence of blood streams, lands and peoples she is recognized as a stellar master of Tattoo and the art of putting ink to skin. She is also an illustrator and as she puts it: “Bay Area raised and proud of it.”

"Dis-appeared words"
lapiz tinta sobre una camiseta
historia corta por Roberto Leni


BELMAR said...

Excelente trabajo!

BELMAR said...

me sigue encantando, atrayendo...

Despierta el Sur said...

Muy bueno!